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Vinayakumar Bhat

PhD student 2009-2013
Research interest:  The role of the skeletal muscle Ca2+ channel
β1a subunit in channel membrane targeting and voltage sensing
Follow-up position:  PostDoc at UPENN, Philadelphia, USA
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Manisha Shrivastav

PhD student 2006-2010
Research interest: Molecular mechanisms of EC coupling in skeletal muscle
with special consideration of the role of the Cav1.1 Ca2+ influx.
Follow-up position: PostDoc at the Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
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Johann Schredelseker

PhD student / Postdoc 2003-2009
Research interest:   Wild-type and mutant zebrafish as model systems for
excitation-contraction coupling research.
Follow-up position:   PostDoc at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA
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Antonella Pirone

PhD student 2004-2008
Research interest:   Novel α1S malignant hyperthermia mutations
Follow-up position:   PostDoc at the University of Tuebingen, Germany
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Tatiana Felder

Technical assistant 2004-2005
Research interest:   Characterization of a DHPR β1a-null zebrafish strain (relaxed)
Follow-up position:   Technician at the University of Ulm, Germany
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Gerlinde Kugler

Postdoc 2000 - 2004
Research interest:   The role of the DHPR α1S II-III loop for EC coupling
Follow-up position:   Regulatory affairs manager at Octapharm GmbH
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Regina Weiss

PhD student 2000 - 2003
Research interest:   Impact of the DHPR α1S point mutation R1086H for triggering malignant hyperthermia (MH)
Follow-up position:   Registration manager at Sandoz
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Jörg Mitterdorfer

PhD student / Postdoc 1992 - 1998
Research interest:   Molecular basis of drug interaction with L-type Ca2+ channels
Follow-up position:   Pharmacy owner Stadtapotheke zum guten Hirten
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Friederike Rosenthal

Technical assistant 1990 - 1995
Research interest:   Evolution of Ca2+ channels: channel subunits in a phylogenetic early organism (housefly)
Follow-up position:   Product manager at Aesca Pharma GmbH
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