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winter semester

41001, VO2, Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology I
    Molecular motors and contraction.

41008, VU1, Mutant Rescue and Antisense Phenocopy in Zebrafish

A short introduction into state-of-the-art molecular genetic techniques of high relevance in the zebrafish system.

Beside a theoretical introduction into the genetic background and into the techniques of cRNA and Morpholino-oligonucleotide design and their injection into zebrafish zygotes, participants of this lab course will get hands on in rescuing motility in an otherwise immotile zebrafish mutant by substituting the mutated muscle calcium channel subunit by injecting RNA coding for the normal subunit. Vice-versa we will also produce the immotile phenotype "= phenocopy" in normal zebrafish by blocking native subunit RNA by a specific antisense morpholino-oligonucleotide. Rescue and blocking of motility will be monitored by genotyping.

summer semester

41501, VO2, Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology II
    Scaffolding and translocation.

winter and summer semester

507161, UE2, Molecular Biology Methods

In addition to a theoretical introduction the participants of this lab course will get hands-on in the lab in determining their own CYP2D6 genotype by RFLP-analysis. Methods applied are: Isolation of genomic DNA from blood, PCR, RE analysis, agarose gel electrophoresis. Following the analytical RFLP procedure preparative DNA techniques will be used in this second part of the course: Prep. PCR for RE site attachment, gel extraction of DNA fragments, ligation into a vector, transformation, plating, DNA mini- and midipreps to have DNA ready for sequencing. Interpretation of sequence data by using computer programs.

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