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Internoise 2016, Hamburg, August 21-24, 2016

Internoise is the largest and broadest conference on sound and noise issues and covers also a significant number of health effects sessions. As member of the International Advisory Committee I organized sessions for the topic "Noise and Health". Use the link below and navigate via Program to "technical-sessions" to see all structured sessions of this topic:
For a few sessions presentations are available below

Session: "Noise indicators and exposure assessment for health impact studies"

Organized by Dick Botteldooren & Peter Lercher
Presentation by Arnaud Can et al.: Comparison of noise indicators in an urban context
Presentation by Gaetano Licitra: END noise mapping for a sufficiently accurate people exposure estimation in epidemiological studies
Presentation by Frederic Mauny et al.: Noise in urban areas: How does the definition of neighborhood impact exposure assessment?
Presentation by Jean Marc Wunderli et al.: Parameter study on IR, a metric reflecting short-term temporal variations of transportation noise exposure
Presentation by Mark Brink et al.: Do short-term temporal variations of noise exposure explain variance of noise annoyance? First experiences with the metric Intermittency Ratio (IR)
Presentation by Michael Cik et al.: Soundmapping approaches in a small suburban study area.
Presentation by Luc Dekoninck et al.: Spectral noise measurement supply instantaneous traffic information for multidisciplinary mobility and traffic related projects.

Session: "Noise and Health: Effects of sound sources on cardiovascular health"

Organized by Elise van Kempen & Peter Lercher
Presentation by Peter Lercher: Systematic reviews in noise epidemiology. Limitations and chances from a Public Health view

Session: "Noise and Health: WHO environmental noise guidelines for the European Region - what is new?"

Organized by Marie-Eve Heroux & Stephen Stansfeld
Presentation by Marie-Eve Heroux: Policy context and methodology used for guideline development
Presentation by Stephen Stansfeld: New evidence on health effects from environmental noise and implications for research
Presentation by Goran Belojevic: Guidelines recommendations and supporting evidence – What is new?
Presentation by Mark Brink: Implementation of Guidelines and Implications for Practice

Baukongress "neuLand" Februar 25, 2016

Der Baukongress neuLand ist eine Premierenveranstaltung, um Wissenschaft und Baupraxis zusammenzubringen

Download Presentation Prof Lercher

TENOR December 8, 2015

The project "TEchnologies of NOise Reduction" is concerned with noise reduction and change in the context of noise action plans at the community level with the participation of citizens

Projekt Bericht (in German)

Download Presentation Prof Lercher

ICANA November 11-12, 2015: Presentation of NORAH results

NORAH is the largest noise-health study ever completed in Germany

BAUA International expert meeting "Sound Acoustics for Employees, SAFE", November 4-5, 2015

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) hosted an international expert meeting on non-auditory effects of noise at work
Link to BAUA
Presentation Lercher: Soundscapes - Nature and Restoration