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Soundscape and the Built Environment, CRC Press, Boca Rota, December 2015

Peter Lercher, Irene van Kamp, Eike von Lindern, Dick Botteldooren: Perceived Soundscapes and Health-Related Quality of Life, Context, Restoration, and Personal Characteristics. Chapter 5 in: Jian Kang, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp (ed.s): Soundscape and the Built Environment, pp89-131

Irene Van Kamp, Ronny Klæboe, A. L. Brown, Peter Lercher: (2015). Soundscapes, Human Restoration, and Quality of Life. Chapter 3 in Jian Kang, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp (eds): Soundscape and the Built Environment, pp43-68.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Health

The first "Encyclopedia of Environmental Health" was published on 10.2.2011 by Elsevier Verlag. With over 500 contributions the state of the art in environmental health is outlined in short review articles.

Prof Lercher was "Issue editor for Noise & Health" and has organized and edited 14 articles. One article was published by himself - Lercher P. Combined noise exposure at home

Full Section Noise & Health

  • Klaboe, R.: Noise and health - Annoyance and interference
  • Hygge, S.: Noise and cognition in children
  • Muzet, A.: Sleep disturbance in adults by noise
  • Bruni, O.: Sleep disturbance in children by noise
  • Babisch, W.: Cardiovascular effects of Noise
  • Stansfeld, S., Clark, C.: Mental health effects of noise
  • Lercher, P.: Combined noise exposure at home
  • Link
  • Persson-Waye, K.: Effects of low frequency noise and vibrations: Environmental and occupational perspectives
  • Sliwinkska-Kowalska, M.: Combined Exposures to Noise and Chemicals at Work
  • De Hollander, G.: Community noise disease burden - DALYs may be the answer, but what is the question?
  • De Vos, P., Van Beek, A.: Noise exposure - Environmental noise
  • Botteldooren, D.: Measuring noise for health impact assessment
  • Luz, GA: Noise management - International regulations
  • Kang, J.: Noise management - soundscape approach